About HomeVideoHistory.org

Our goal is to be a the ultimate resource for all things related to the history of home video. As time goes on we’ll flesh out the timeline stories into full articles, complete with resources and images.

It should be noted that we use the term home video in two ways. One as an umbrella term for the viewing of movies in the home (although “movies in the home” will also be used to prevent confusion), and as a label for a particular era, where movies are being distributed on physical video formats. It may sound a bit absurd to include home movies (16mm, 8mm, Super8, etc) a part of home video history, but they’re undoubtly connected, which we hope to demonstrate with this project.

This site was created as a companion resource to VHSCollector.com by home video historian, Paul Zamarelli. Please visit the forums to ask questions and to share information and your own experiences in the early days of home video.